Our Story


About Herbiza

Herbiza would like to take you on a journey to showcase our values for unique Rooibos, coffee, shakes, latte’s and other refreshment products. Client services reflect traits that you can expect from the Herbiza family, such as creativity, reliability, generosity, loyalty and compassion.

How it All Started

Herbiza was founded in 2020 to produce and supply natural Rooibos. With years of experience and partnerships in the Rooibos industry, the owners and founders of Herbiza identified a lack of certain values in the manufacturing and supply of refreshment products in the market – values such as compassion, creativity, reliability, generosity and loyalty.

These values not only stood out, but led to, Herbiza’s launch into the market, driven by the vision to provide the ultimate experience of quality production, combined with these outstanding values. In 2020, as the Covid-19 pandemic spread, this came with multiple challenges amongst South Africans including employment opportunities – Herbiza aims to act in the interest of people to maintain these.

The founders engaged in identifying its stakeholders needs and wants. Herbiza tea’s Love for Life in incorporating these values into our day-to-day activities, enables us to delight, refresh and enhance our offering to our valued stakeholders – our Herbiza family.


Although we started from humble beginnings, with Rooibos products, these values continue to drive us to research and develop additional products that adds value to our customers – such as the launch of our new ranges: lattes, shakes and much more to come.


As Herbiza continues to grow, it has become evident that being attentive to our clients and stakeholders is part of who we are. Especially during uncertain and challenging times – Herbiza listens and responds.


Our Vision is to grow and expand our brand globally as the preferred Rooibos supplier, as well as offer a variety of chai, coffee, shakes, and other cafe style products.


Herbiza’s name itself means Compassion, Creativity, Reliability, Generosity and Loyalty – so this is what we want to embody in our brand and product offering. The cent pictures allocated to each word… can and needs to be more modern and funky and attractive…. But this is the basis that started Herbiza and we want to live this out in our website and more!


We love to care – being kind and helpful at all times.


Creativity is part of our daily activities & marketing efforts. Be part of our creative Herbiza family by reaching out to us or following our social media pages!


Herbiza strives to be trustworthy and consistent in all our business, marketing and manufacturing activities.


We strive to be compassionate towards our clients in all our product and service delivery activities.


Herbiza strives to be loyal in our service delivery – every stakeholder is unique and important to us.